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FRP Handrail Details

Please find the following parts list, required to construct your own FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) handrail system.

1) RTS – Round Tube System.

With our thick walled 50mm dia round tube we cab supply a simple robust handrail system, that is very quick to install. Ideal for those long straight runs or rectangular barrier areas. Please see the following list of components to make up & install your own your own handrail system.  Each connector has a recessed area for the fastener to sit, so there are no obstructions. Simply clamp the connectors over the tube and fasten.

1. Round Side Mount

Item #  PR-050-RHRSM-Y

2. Round Base Mount

Item# PR-050-RHRBM-Y

3. Round Tube 50.8mm dia

Item# PR-050-RT-Y

4. Round 90 Degree Curved Elbow

Item# PR-050-RHREC-Y

5. Round Joiner Tee 3 hole

Item# PR-050-RHRJT-Y

6. Round Cross

Item# PR-050-RHRC-Y

7. Stainless Steel M5x50 barrel nut & bolt

ITEM# A-S/S Hardware

2) CTR – Curved Top Rail System.

With the Curved Top Rail FRP Handrail System, we have been able to combine both a premium product, with a quick assembly in mind. The Curved Top Rail, slips over our 50mm sq tube post. This is extremely advantageous when doing stairways, as well as long straight runs. The post and mid rail are both our 50mm sq tube, and use the round tube (joiners) to fix mid rail to post with the Curved Rail System. You can see below, in the photo, of how simple it goes together.

3) STR – Square Tube Top Rail System.

This is our heavy duty FRP handrail system. The advantage of this system is that it can be completely assembled without the general need for metal fasteners using our square tube insert fittings. Great for corrosive and chemical areas. Again a very quick assembly time on site. Simple tools are used as this system has been designed with the installer in mind. Simply cut the tube, slide in the insert fittings (elbows, tees, crosses), resin together and let set.

With both the CTR & STR handrail systems, apart from the top rail being used, you can now combine a mix of fittings to suit either type as both systems have the same post and mid rail, and both use the same Base Mount, and the same Kick Plate Rail.

The part’s list below, will show what is required for the Curved Top Rail System (parts with CTR included) and the Square Tube Top Rail System (parts with ST included).
1. Curved Top railPart No. E-50CTR 2. Curved Top Rail Straight JoinerPart No. E-50CTRJ 3. Curved Top Rail Elbow JoinerPart No. E-50CTRL 4. Horizontal variable connectorPart No. E-CTRHHC
Curved-Top-rail-E-50CTR Curved Top Rail Straight Joiner Curved Top Rail Elbow Joiner Horizontal variable connector
5. Vertical connectorPart No. E-CTRHVC 6. Curved Top Rail End CapPart No. E-50CTREC 7. 50mm sq tube for post, mid & top railPart No. VEFR50ST 8. Mid rail joinersPart No. VEFR38RT
Vertical connector Curved Top Rail End Cap 50mm-sq-tube-for-post-mid-top-rail Mid rail joiners
9. 50mm sq tube ebow insertPart No. VEFR50STHL 10. 50mm sq tube Tee InsertPart No. VE50STHT 11. 50mm sq tube Cross insertPart No. VE50STHC 12. 50mm sq tube variable comnnectorPart No. VE50STHVC
50mm-sq-tube-ebow-insert 50mm-sq-tube-Tee-Insert-VE50STHT 50mm-sq-tube-Cross-insert-VE50STHC 50mm-sq-tube-variable-comnnector-VE50STHVC
13. 50mm sq tube 3 way insertPart No. VEFR50ST3-W 14. 50mm sq tube 4 way insertPart No. VEVFR50ST4-W 15. 50mm sq tube 5 way insertPart No. VEFR50ST5-W 16. 50mm Sq Tube end capPart No. PG50STEC
50mm sq tube 3 way insert 50mm sq tube 4 way insert 50mm sq tube 5 way insert 50mm Sq Tube end cap
17. Kick PlatePart No. VEFR100KP 18. Base Mount 50mm sq tubePart No. VE50STFBM 19. Pop RivertsPart No. PG-SS
Kick Plate Base Mount 50mm sq tube pop riverts