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Grating Pedestal Supports

From time to time, FRP grating will need to be supported in walkway areas where using traditional support and framing methods either cannot be used or are unsuitable to the working environment.

Please see below our FRP pedestal supports that can raise our FRP floor grating, and link into the mesh pattern of our grating. The panels of our grating can be joined, on the one pedestal eliminating multiple pedestals in the same area. The wide based pedestals can be fixed to the floor if required, and also to the top of our grating, using our 316 s/s hold down clips to suit. This provides an extremely solid base, which can take high loads – up to 1000kgs per pedestal and up to 850mm high. Available in a range of heights, and completely adjustable to accommodate uneven floors, we can supply a pedestal to suit your application.

Grating Raiser Inserts

Personnel working in machine workshops, at work benches or daily workplace process areas, require a safe non slip working platform to stand on. Instead of the traditional rubber mats that can deteriorate and become slippery over time, our FRP grating can be lifted 12mm and 25mm off the floor with the use of our Grate Raiser Inserts.


  • Elevates the grating off the floor
  • Provides slight flex underfoot relieving the lower back and legs
  • Safe Non Slip Embedded Grit Top Surface Grating (resistant to oil, grease, animal fats and chemicals)
  • Easy to Clean – simply lift up, remove any waste underneath and drop back down.
  • Long lasting and will not deteriorate.
  • Suitable for our 25mm and 38mm thick grating.


  • Chemical bunds
  • Raised floor platforms & work stations
  • Chemical Treatment Dosing Plant Rooms
  • Raised non slip walkway access across drainage floors and work spaces
  • Suspended floor grating, cable ladder runs, concealing pipe work and electrical services underneath
  • Areas required to be non conductive.