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Resin Selection



Resin Selection

Monaco Distributors is the sole national supplier of Ercon FRP (fibreglass reinforced polyester) Cable Ladder, Cable Tray and Cable Support Systems.

Type VEFR-25 is a premium vinyl ester resin with a flame spread rating of 25 or less. Type VEFR-25 resin provides the most chemical resistance in the industry, designed to withstand the harshest chemical environments over a broad range of acids and caustics, it is primarily used in petrochemical, waste water, mining,and plating applications where the grating is subject to frequent and direct contact with harsh chemicals.

Type IFR-25 is a premium isophthalic polyester resin with a flame spread rating of 25 or less. Type IFR-25 provides an intermediate level of chemical resistance and is the correct resin choice for grating subjected to splash and spill contact with harsh chemicals, and is a very good general purpose resin at a reduced cost compared to the premium vinyl ester resin.

Type CFR-25 is an orthophthalic polyester resin with a flame spread rating of 25 or less providing moderate chemical resistance. This grating is perfect for use in water/wastewater applications, light industrial applications, and in the wavezone areas of offshore platforms where the environment is moderate. Although Type CFR-25 is the least chemical resistant resin, it still offers superior performance to traditional flooring products such as steel, aluminum and wood, and is the most economical resin available.


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