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The following information in this website is to be used as a guide only. While all endeavours have been made to ensure the content to be accurate and reliable, Monaco Distributors can not be held liable or responsible for any variation or lack of information that may exist which was not advised at the time when seeking advice or a recommendation of product between Monaco Distributors and the customer or client. For extreme or severe applications that may operate outside the following specifications contact the office for a recommendation.

Monaco Distributors is a national supplier of Powergrid®. Monaco Distributors is not the manufacturer or engineering design office of the manufactured product. All product is certified to ISO9001 manufacturing standards. Monaco Distributors can offer assistance to design & engineering staff seeking technical information relative to our product to assist with product placement for project & maintenance work. We therefore accept no liability for installation as we assume our product is being installed within its operating parameters. If for some reason you are unable to find the relevant information on this website with regard to design or engineering data, please contact the office for further assistance.