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Tolerances for Molded FRP Grating



Tolerances for Molded FRP Grating

Monaco Distributors is the sole national supplier of Ercon FRP (fibreglass reinforced polyester) Cable Ladder, Cable Tray and Cable Support Systems.

Panel Tolerances

Panel Tolerances (as Manufactured)
Panel Size-Molded +/-1/8″(+/-3mm) (width,length & diagonal)
Panel Size-Pultruded +/-1/4″(+/-6mm) (width,length & diagonal)
Grating Depth +/-1/16″(+/-1.5mm)
Panel Flatness(Warp) +/-1/32″(+/-0.8mm)per ft. (length direction)
+/-1/16″(+/-1.5mm)per ft. (Width direction)

Cutting Tolerances

Cutting Tolerances (as Fabricated)
Rectangular Cuts +0″, -1/4″ (+0, -6.4mm)
Straight Cuts +0″, -1/4″ (+0, -6.4mm)
Circular Cuts +0″, -3/8″ (+0, -9.5mm)

Grating Clearances

Grating Clearances
To Side of Trench 1/4″ (6.4mm)
To Wall 1/2″ (13mm)
Between Panels 0″ to 1/4″ (0 to 6.4mm)
Minimum Support Width 1 1/2″ (38mm) minimum(nominal)
Attachment 2 Hold-downs at Each Suppport


Plate 1/8″(3mm) min. attached with bolts or leg screws
Straight Banding – attachments spaced 12″(30.5mm) centers
Curved Banding – attachments spaced 9″(23mm) Max. (dependant on radius)


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